Wheel Balancer Hofmann Megaspin M-800-2

Megaspin 800-2

A BRILLANT COMBINATION with TFT Flat Screen operator assistance

1.Easy AUTO SELECT  The operator just has to turn
on the machine, and move the gauge to the positions,
where he wants to attach the weights: The megaspin
800-2 automatically detects the 3 most important
balancing programs.
2. AUTOMATIC ALU M  Easy balancing of alloy rims.
One spin cycle does it all! The measuring system
MEGASTICK allows unlimited choices for optimum
weight positions, also for RUN FLAT and PAX rims.
The fl exible link in the MEGASTICK follows the contour
of the rim for measuring and weight attachment at
exactly the 12 o’clock position.
3. WeightLess  This new software is a further stage
of MINISTAT. The balance weights and rim positions are
optimised within individual thresholds for static and
dynamic unbalance. In ideal cases only one single
weight must be applied. Thus signifi cant amounts of
weights and working time can be saved.
4. MINISTAT (patent)  Minimises the residual static
unbalance. Residual static unbalance is the cause of
many vibration problems.
5. ECO DRIVE  A medium sized tyre is accelerated to
180 rpm in less then 1 second. After that the tyre is
rotating without motor power. Advantages: less energy
consumption, less wear and tear, less noise.
6. AUTO SPLIT  With the new, upgraded function it is
even more easy and faster to split weights.
800-2 can be placed right against a wall.


– 1,5 – 20 Inch Rim width
– 10 – 30 Inch Rim diameter
– 1067 mm Max. wheel diameter
– 530 m Max. wheel width
– 70 kg Max. wheel weight
– 180 Revolutions (rpm)
– 1520 x 1050 x 1830 mm Packing dimensions (W x D x H)
– 173 kg Gross weight
– 115–230 V / 50/60 Hz / 1 Ph / 500 W Power supply
– 7 – 10 bar Compressed air supply (option P)