Tyre Changer for Truck and Bus

Tyre changer untuk truck dan bus serta alat berat.

Electro-hydraulic tyre changer for truck and bus wheels of
any type, with inner tube and tubeless, up to 26” in diameter.
Tough, solid and extremely quick, the TB 126 is available
in three versions with different levels of equipment (N,
Deluxe and Super) to satisfy all market requirements. The
TB 126 expresses all the tradition and technology of which
Mondolfo Ferro is justly proud in this market segment.

Machine featuring simultaneous traversing of toolholder
carriage and chuck arm (Deluxe and Super models) and
solid articulated arm allowing all operations to be carried
out from any working position without interference from
the controls, and permitting the operator to keep his feet
free during the various working phases.

Technical data :

– Max. wheel width 780 mm
– Max. wheel diameter 1500 mm
– Chucking device capacity 14˝ ÷ 26˝
– Hold on central hole ø 120 ÷ 530 mm
– Hydraulic unit motor 3ph – 1,1 kW
– 2 speed gear box motor 3ph – 1,1÷1,5 kW
– Rotation torque 250 kg
– Bead breaker power 2600 kg
– Maximum liftable wheel weight 1000 kg
– Wheel lifter cylinder capacity 1300 kg