Tyre Changer Aquila Raptor

Mondolfo Ferro, Italy

Aquila Raptor represents a new concept of tyre demounting that differentiates
itself on an international level and represents an ideal answer
to the needs of wheel service professionals.

This tyre changer was designed to make it easier to mount and demount
all types of tyres, especially rigid, low profile and Run Flat tyres, which
are extremely popular today, (Bridgestone RFT, Goodyear RunOnFlat, Pirelli
Eufori@, Michelin ZP, Continental SSR, Dunlop DSST, etc.).
Aquila Raptor has been type approved by WDK (Tyre industry association),
which identifies equipment that complies with WDK procedures.

Aquila Raptor is a super-automatic model equipped with an exclusive
device that make it possible for the operator to mount and demount any
type of tyre, also without the help of a lever and without the minimum
amount of physical effort.

Technical data :

– Rim diameter 12˝ – 28˝
– Max. tyre diameter 1080 mm (42”)
– Max. wheel width 15˝
– Turn table rotation torque 1200 Nm
– Clamp rotation 6-15 rpm (2V)
– Force applied by bead breaker cylinder 5500 N
– Wheel lifter load capacity 85 kg
– Working pressure 10 bar
– Electrical single-phase  230V 50/60Hz 0.75 kW 110V 50/60Hz 0.75 kW
– Weight 380 kg